Prompt Poetry: it happened on Facebook

I engaged in an impromptu writing session, started by my mother. We were joined by many of my incredible family members. Several poems emerged.
I would like to share my creative products of an hour on Facebook with them. Along with  the (family generated) prompts.

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the Girl

Doing dishes on a stool: self portrait

I wore white for a decade
I wore black for ten years
I wore nothing for a while
Then I bore a girl
I wore prints for a bit
Now, I wear blush and rose
Merlot tones layered with midnight
I wear melon under khaki
Lemon on my body under cream
Sunshine in my life
Color in my world
I was never the girl made of rainbows
But she is

A rhyme for the Man

I hear the rooster crow,
You say “it’s time to go.”
I forgot to make the coffee,
Now, you get one with toffee.
I hope today, your pipe is light
Also, that your glue sticks tight.
I hope your trench is not too deep
And each piece laid, you get to keep.
I hope you get precise measurements
And all the Spanish, today makes sense.
I wish for sharpness for your saw,
And when you finish, I hope you va
To me.