Blog Tour II:

A fellow blogger, Armchair QB, invited me to participate in a blog tour, which calls for me to answer four questions about my writing and to invite three fellow bloggers to do the same next week.  Thank you, Armchair QB, for inviting me to participate. 🙂 Continue reading


Left Holding the Bag update:

If you are “haunting” my blog, waiting for the second installment of Left Holding the Bag, it will be out tomorrow. Since this began as a challenge, out if my genre, it’s proven even more challenging to write the second part. I assume most of you are writers and will understand the delay. It is in the works, however. Don’t lose faith! 🙂

As a personal note: today has been brought to me by YouTube. Exposing my children to the top forty from every year of my life and learning origami, long after they lost interest.