Cramping my style

Sometimes my brain is so small
I want to crawl
Out of it.


the Boy & the Girl

“If you don’t let me,  you’ll be fired!”
“How are you gonna fire me? I don’t work for you.”
“I work for the fire department, and I’m gonna fire you!”
“Besides the fire department doesn’t fire people. They spray water on fires to put them out.”
“I don’t work for the water ones.”
“You mean the water department?”
“No, I work for the other fart.” *hysterical laughter* “I didn’t mean to say that…” *more laughter* “I meant the fire de-part-ment. The one that brings fire; that throws fire. I’m gonna throw fire at you, then you’ll be fired!”
“Well, I have a shield that fire can’t get through!”