the Importance of Being a Pray-er

A little over a year ago I went looking for a Bible Study. I enjoy studying the Bible as well as the fellowship and insight of others. I had been involved in a Bible Study the summer before. It really had me fired up and I wanted to recreate that experience in my new location (we had moved).
I looked high and low, in every denomination. I called every church in that town. My criteria were specific, but I had no idea how difficult to meet.
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Change (draft)

Show me 100,000 individuals who think they are powerless.
I will show you a group, 100,000 strong with the power to change things.
“Powerless” individuals are powerless.

It may be trite, but be the change you wish to see in the world. You may be part of a group larger than you imagine.


     Tonight, after reading my “Prologue” and critiquing it for me, my husband and I came inside for dinner. We pray as a family each night before dinner, usually led by him. So, tonight he thanks God for creativity and asks God to lead each of us in the use of our imagination. He included, in the (dinner) prayer, thanks for the imagination that goes into creating dinner. He also gave thanks that creativity allows us to teach and to learn.
      When we begin to eat, he reminds us that humans are the only ones blessed with creativity. Then, he asks us each to think of something that someone imagined that they made come true. He starts with fire, and how someone imagined it could be used to cook.
     The Girl comes up with nuclear bombs (she’s been taking history lessons on WWll). In the course of the conversation we cover Louis Pasteur, ways to play with babies, going to the moon (Apollo 11), stove top popcorn and Pinterest sponge waterbombs.
     I love this man. I love God and gifts like creativity. I love cooking and water fights and rain. I love writing and stories. I love science and popcorn and making dollarstore craft-toys for my kids!

My real life

“Ohana means family, no one gets left behind or forgotten”- Lilo and Stitch
Six states in seven years.
My husband works on a crew that builds water treatment plants. My children and I could live in a standard house anywhere in the States and see him once a month. I prefer a stable family life together, traveling.
People wonder “what about school?” Well, until this last move it wasn’t an issue. First, my oldest wasn’t school-aged. Then, I kept the kids in AZ for two extra months to finish the second grade before we reintegrated our family in WY. This last move we decided to enroll the Girl in K12, online. She is ahead enough that four months of online/home schooling as an experiment couldn’t damage her advancement to fifth grade. Now, we like it and will be enrolling her in sixth grade in K12 and the Boy in K12 kindergarten. (If you are looking for an online preschool resource: Our whole life is a field trip!
Then people wonder, “Don’t you hate living in a travel trailer? How do you even do that?”
Do I hate it? No! I love it. There are windows on every wall for one. How? Well, no personal space. It reminds me of a song: