the Importance of Being a Pray-er

A little over a year ago I went looking for a Bible Study. I enjoy studying the Bible as well as the fellowship and insight of others. I had been involved in a Bible Study the summer before. It really had me fired up and I wanted to recreate that experience in my new location (we had moved).
I looked high and low, in every denomination. I called every church in that town. My criteria were specific, but I had no idea how difficult to meet.
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Left Holding the Bag update:

If you are “haunting” my blog, waiting for the second installment of Left Holding the Bag, it will be out tomorrow. Since this began as a challenge, out if my genre, it’s proven even more challenging to write the second part. I assume most of you are writers and will understand the delay. It is in the works, however. Don’t lose faith! 🙂

As a personal note: today has been brought to me by YouTube. Exposing my children to the top forty from every year of my life and learning origami, long after they lost interest.