the Importance of Being a Pray-er

A little over a year ago I went looking for a Bible Study. I enjoy studying the Bible as well as the fellowship and insight of others. I had been involved in a Bible Study the summer before. It really had me fired up and I wanted to recreate that experience in my new location (we had moved).
I looked high and low, in every denomination. I called every church in that town. My criteria were specific, but I had no idea how difficult to meet.
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Change (draft)

Show me 100,000 individuals who think they are powerless.
I will show you a group, 100,000 strong with the power to change things.
“Powerless” individuals are powerless.

It may be trite, but be the change you wish to see in the world. You may be part of a group larger than you imagine.

Left Holding the Bag update:

If you are “haunting” my blog, waiting for the second installment of Left Holding the Bag, it will be out tomorrow. Since this began as a challenge, out if my genre, it’s proven even more challenging to write the second part. I assume most of you are writers and will understand the delay. It is in the works, however. Don’t lose faith! 🙂

As a personal note: today has been brought to me by YouTube. Exposing my children to the top forty from every year of my life and learning origami, long after they lost interest.