explaining This

I am an optimist. I think my blog is self-explanatory, but just in case:

I hope my blog will, by turns, be educational, inspiring, enlightening, poignant, witty and wise.

My personal works will range in length & cover a range of topics I suspect. Poetry & fiction, life with a husband & children, travel, faith & values mainly. Also, perhaps economics, food, environment, literature & art, civil rights….

What you usually won’t find here: fashion, pop culture, celebrities, most music, many pictures, standard rants….

If you wish there was music on my blog, click here.

The sidebar slide show widget “wit & wisdom” includes memes I enjoy. The other, “the Boy & the Girl” are photos of my children. If anyone is interested- the header pics are my own, from Yellowstone National Park.

I have tried to place prominently my “likes” and “follows” -in the interest of community.
I also plan to link to other blogs regularly.
*world citizenship posts are not necessarily related to my idea of dominant US culture.
*developing faith posts are useful to be considered, then accepted or dismissed as part of a personal theology.
*inspired works are posts that strike me.
*mental health posts

These categories will be noted with big, black, block quotes beside a link.


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