Prompt Poetry: it happened on Facebook

I engaged in an impromptu writing session, started by my mother. We were joined by many of my incredible family members. Several poems emerged.
I would like to share my creative products of an hour on Facebook with them. Along with  the (family generated) prompts.


Prompt: pajamas and jam, rhymed

New independence
A boy just out of toddler clothes
Spiderman pajamas
Buttons down the front
Wielding a knife
Mom’s anxiety heightens
“Can you open this?”
She knows
The jam will miss the toast
And his independence
Will match every inch
That he grows

Prompt: story, long, no rhyme

There’s a Bible verse I cannot find
I shared it once with you
It means that every time we move
We are wine poured into a new vessel
Never growing bitter, taken from our dregs
I know I sent it with you
But every time I think on it
I feel it was a gift you gave to me
Ancient words have that way
Reminding us of shared experience
Of leaving home and making a new one
And leaving home

Prompt: Life 4Wheeling, long, either rhyme or not

One time, we were too young
We went looking for a lake, but the water wasn’t there
So we went romping, chasing rabbits in the dark
Until the girls started in about the sand in their hair
We didn’t care
We left them on the boat ramp
Where the water used to be
We broke the bush and bramble
long into the night
Until we bored, from lack of women
Had to go and get them
They squeaked a bit on the way out
But we forgave them,
Over all-night diner burgers and malts

Prompt: New adventure, short, rhyme

Tinkling music makes us run.
Ice cream eating in the sun.
My first allowance just got payed.
Summer number seven has now been made!

Prompt: Getting Old Short No Rhyme

Getting old is hard to do
For something that just happens
Everyday can pass, without my help,
Why does it leave me marked?

plus one later
Prompt: a sea faring mermaid

Manatees are jealous
Monstrous and unrelatable
They inspire myths of my existence
Girls want to be me, flowing locks and free
Sailors use me as a figurehead to calm the waves and sea
Part of your world, is Disney’s dream for me
I wish to be
The manatee
Swimming in reality.


I think that was an appropriate use of Facebook. I have only shared my poems from that hour; each writer involved had gems produced. Each prompter was an inspiration and an audience.

We are in two countries and at least five states. Sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and even ex in-laws. How can I emphasize, beyond the facts, what an amazing experience this was?


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