Eternal (Draft)

I feel eternal.
Unconvinced by my skin,
Unconcerned by my lifetime.
Sleeping before embryo
Dreaming postmortem.
I am a creature once created

I encompass every direction
On every plane.
My mind is unconstrained by my skull.
My love is not confined by my heart.
My soul does not need wings to fly.
I feel boundless.

Immortals know,
Death loses Hype,
So does Life.
Through all time,
Begin &
End share Significance.
Contraction the same
Inhale \
Parts of the same
Sum = 0.
Zero net difference.

Into a Microcosm.
Not a single particle,
I am smaller than Darkness.
I reach beyond the Breath.
Reduced, only a Rhythm.
It is the rhythm of Everything.
Distilled to a beat.
Solitary beat,
In the great rhythm.


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