Please do not reproduce any of my written work without permission and proper credit.


3 thoughts on “©

    • Thanks. I actually knew that. I was playing around with it. But what I really wanted and got, after several tries, thanks to mostly posting from my phone, was the tab on the menu across the top. All the way to the right on the black navigation bar… That copyright symbol, right there. Mostly because I thought it was cute, I like the contrast and thought it would be more “different” than the widget. I’ve seen yours though and I loved the way it matches your theme/layout/style. Thanks for the input though. I love knowing you are around and willing to give me your two cents. Read your chapter tonight too. Nice work. I was so curious what story they were getting from her parents… now I need to know who fathered her. Jeese… 🙂


      • Aha, I see it now at the end on top! I like it! I’ve not seen anyone else do that, so it’s quite unique! And yeah, my big mouth always has two cents to offer anyone who will listen … lol.

        And thank you for reading Chapter 18 (and the sweet compliment)! I’ve been piddling around with it since the start of May and wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it, so I concentrated on other stuff instead. I think I’m going to have another twist or two in the next chapter, just not sure yet. I think best when I’m actually writing … lol.

        I’m catching up on a few blogs since I’ve not been on for several days because of work and my son playing soccer now. I’m reading yours at the moment. 🙂


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