I am aware of my great fortune.

I do not contrast my life with others to be filled with gratitude. What I have fills me with wonder.

I look up, sometimes I see a roof, with which I am satisfied. Sometimes I see the sky, which also makes me content.

I wash my hands and that feels so much better than dirty hands. I cup them for a drink, fearless, my water is clean.

I have clothes, mostly I find them aesthetically pleasing, but always I find them useful in protecting my body and my modesty.

I read a book and that is enormously enriching. I write a poem, each stroke demonstrates a skill, however rudimentary, that allows me to send an idea to my cousin on the other side of the world or greet my husband from his lunch box.

When I wake up in the morning I say good morning to my children, we are safe every day so far. I go outside, I watch the birds.

When I have a burning question, or a mild curiosity, I “Google” it. I find answers, information, education. I can give my children answers. I have access to libraries, literature, science and history and political intrigue. If I want to know, almost anything that is known, I can.

I have food, it tastes pretty good. I choose how much nutrition my body gets each day. My children have the option to eat, they have not ever had to be hungry. That is a fantastic feeling in my heart.

My family is safe and together. My children are in front of me everyday. My husband is in bed with me every night. Every one else I love is only a phone call away. It is so easy to know.

I have a soul and I am not distracted by other needs to the exclusion of my soul.


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