Prologue * edit 1

     I remember it  vividly. I was six, playing tag with my “imaginary friend.” My mother was chopping green cabbage in a golden pool of late afternoon sunlight. Dust motes swirled in a game of chase with my baby brother. My sisters, together in the corner as usual, played with dolls on the dirt floor. They already shun me, sometimes sharply.
     I, run-dancing away from my tag partner, grabbed hold of my mother’s heavy skirts. I felt her brace herself abruptly. The dust shifted from swirling to floating. My sisters are suddenly muted. My attention was drawn inward by a force, like gravity. I descended into my mind, my self separated from my body.
      I was surprised that I could I still see. I’d been transported to the barn though. My brother Hymn was in the loft. Only he was slipping over the edge. He was falling and terrified.
     Then, I’m in the house again. My mother is in motion already, running for the barn.  I am on her heels. I don’t understand it, but we have to get there. Help Hymn.
     Hymn was seven when he broke his arm falling out of the loft. That was my first vision. My first experience with Sight. I spent many years since trying to hide it. Now, the Indigo is too obvious to hide. Anyway, I’m ready to join the fight now.


7 thoughts on “Prologue * edit 1

  1. By the way, the comment from the other post concerning the first two sentence… You have edited it perfectly (at least my opinion) and that comment is a mistake, cause I was moving back and forth from this post and to the other and I made the mistake to mess which one is which xD .. So you edited version is even better than the first.. Want to read the whole thing 🙂


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