My real life

“Ohana means family, no one gets left behind or forgotten”- Lilo and Stitch
Six states in seven years.
My husband works on a crew that builds water treatment plants. My children and I could live in a standard house anywhere in the States and see him once a month. I prefer a stable family life together, traveling.
People wonder “what about school?” Well, until this last move it wasn’t an issue. First, my oldest wasn’t school-aged. Then, I kept the kids in AZ for two extra months to finish the second grade before we reintegrated our family in WY. This last move we decided to enroll the Girl in K12, online. She is ahead enough that four months of online/home schooling as an experiment couldn’t damage her advancement to fifth grade. Now, we like it and will be enrolling her in sixth grade in K12 and the Boy in K12 kindergarten. (If you are looking for an online preschool resource: Our whole life is a field trip!
Then people wonder, “Don’t you hate living in a travel trailer? How do you even do that?”
Do I hate it? No! I love it. There are windows on every wall for one. How? Well, no personal space. It reminds me of a song:


4 thoughts on “My real life

  1. My husband worked in another state last year. We only saw him on the weekends. It was EXTREMELY challenging and I would never do it again. You are doing the right thing!! Sometimes we have to sacrifice what other people view as “normal” in order to be right where we are needed! 🙂

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