Somehow the most stimulating things simulate a deprivation of stimulation in their ability to draw out of them an awareness of self, a quietude. That is the draw of the beach for me.

In the surf
So much stimulation it’s a meditation.
My ears are filled
waves, rushing, splashing, so it is all I hear.
My body is filled
flood and drain against me
sand sinking & slipping
My eyes are filled
unfathomable depth & breadth of water
My nose is filled
green smells, viscous life
My mouth is filled
salt and thick vapors
I am filled
In the surf on a planet
Rushing, draining, slipping
Deep, living and filled
A solitude
With everyone
Standing in the surf
Observing self
Feeling ohm
Feeling home


6 thoughts on “Beach/meditation

    • Oh! I see my mistake there, I went to jemtunes the first time! jemverse is much easier to view on my phone. I will get back there soon. Love the flatstone sculpture though, now if I only had a “living room”. 🙂


    • I checked it out. Pretty rockin’ blog! Some media is difficult to view on my phone, but I love Led and the progress cartoon was awesome. I also enjoyed your poem, “Constant.”


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