A year later…

One benefit of living with a realist who, while he appreciates a turn of phrase, likes his conversation to be mostly truth truth, without much embellishment, is that I need a place to write all my crazy, quippy snippets.

As with so many bloggers, life got in the way of keeping up with this. Hopefully, I can rededicate, not only for the summer but the coming school year. The Boy is headed for first grade and the Girl for sixth. I will not recap the last year for fear of boring you. However, we are in the process of buying a house in Centralia, WA. We are super excited to be settling down after nearly a decade on the road!

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It’s not a Secret

I’ve lost fifteen pounds in three months or so. The Man says it’s not a secret, eat fewer calories than you burn.
But how?

Here’s my “method”:
I eat breakfast like a diabetic, lunch like a kindergartener, snacks like a hunter- gatherer- gardener, dinner like a vegetarian, three out of every four weeks. The fourth week I eat anything I want (crave).
Blended diet, no smoothies though
I’ve blended several diet recommendations for the conditions I’d like to avoid for instance high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes: the diets are high fiber, low salt, blood sugar maintenance, low fat, low sugar,  etc. It’s not really methodical or a secret, it’s an awareness I’ve been trying to build about food and nutrition, “eating a rainbow,” short ingredient lists, glycemic index, fewer processed foods and fewer chemicals.

I’ve also tried to manufacture an artificial feast/famine cycle, which I’ve read can optimize a body’s ability to burn excess calories.  I stretch often and pretend it’s yoga. Or follow a YouTube video.

My attempts at whole grain, high protein breakfasts
I try to eat breakfast everyday: peanuts and raisins, eggs, or beans and cheese, grits, oatmeal etc.
My attempts to stay full of fiber and nutrition
I try to eat a lot of raw food including salad (obviously): not iceberg lettuce, but spinach, spring greens, the cabbage/carrot mix labeled for cole slaw, and kale. This bowl has been a great snack helper. Right now it has apples and cucumbers in it, but it always has raw fruits and veggies in it. (Green beans, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, grapes, carrot, strawberry halves, peach halves, cuties, snow peas, cauliflower etc.)
Snacks and condiments
Unsalted popcorn and peanuts are great snacks too. I do eat whole grain pastas and breads, and I switched potato chips for corn chips. I dropped most condiments in favor of mustard or an awesome vinaigrette, and I mix my sourcream dip with at least half salsa.
I eat fish once a week. I have cut ground meats and pig products out entirely. I went from buying six pounds of meat every week to about two pounds. I try to make my plate 20% meat, 20% starch, 60% vegetables, when I eat meat. I put beans in everything, even spaghetti sauce. I don’t eat meat at least five days per week.
I’ve still been eating pizza once a week and drinking alcohol most nights. I drink lots of tea (and coffee) without milk or sugar, honey only. I still eat lots of potatoes and eggs and plenty of cheese. I try not to eat within three hours of sleeping at night, but drink a glass of water or two right before I lie down.

Mostly though, I just keep this bowl, it’s a berry bowl (has a strainer in it) so nothing sits in juices. I keep it clean and on the table between meals. I don’t add to it till everything in it is gone.

Do you have simple tips to slim down? Feel free to comment copiously. I’m falling asleep, I hope I don’t regret this in the morning! 🙂